Let’s talk business

I’ve been into a lot of small business but none of them I really took seriously for long time so none of them give me much profit. Multi level marketing and networking business really need a serious dedication and perseverance and I think that’s the thing I don’t have because of not having enough confidence to present it to prospect targets. I took business administation study but not bachelors degree so I really don’t have enough knowledge. All is personal experienced in convincing people that are close to me in a nice manner. I really admire those people who have the guts to do business presentation, employer representation

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Pinaccle Grampians National Park

We had an awesome day trip to Grampians 2 weeks ago. The weather was cold but the sun was out the whole time we were there. How lucky are we right? We really had fun exploring the best sceneries of the place.
We experienced the very popular walking area where some of the best and most accessible rock formations. Home of the ever popular Pinnacle Walk and they called it Wonderland. Wow, it’s was tiring but so wonderful. Maybe a bit freaky to some whose afraid of heights. All you need to do is don’t look down, keep walking and enjoy the view when you’re on top. So much of the talkings, here are some pictures that we took.

Some view of the orange sun that reflects on the trees on our way home. I couldn’t resist not to take picture of the Church. I’f I’m not mistaken, it’s the Baptist Church in Ararat. Such a magnificient view as it was highlighted by the orange sun.
And that’s the story of our fun day trip to Grampians.

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It’s been a while since I’ve been searching where to buy the best wig that I can use alternately besides my original straight hair. Actually, it slipped through my mind as the day goes by. Now, I got reminded again that I want a wig because I found out where to find the best wig online and I’m really glad. Unfortunately, they’re not cheap. And I have another things important to spend rather that buying it for now. Maybe I need to save up more. But at least, I know where to buy whenever I’m ready.

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State Rose Garden

This place is one of the most beautiful that I’ve ever been to. So pretty like a paradise. A Paradise of Roses. Roses are my favourites and this place is heaven. Heaven of Roses. Obviously, I so love the place and happy to be there.

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Apple And Strawberry Farm at Bacchus Marsh

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Midlife Crisis

I suspected that my husband is having a bit of a mid-life crisis. Why? Because lol he’s acting strange. He wants to get into mixing music himself. He loves to sing but singing doesn’t love him that much hehe. I know that he is still a fan of photography because he still lugs around the DSLR, but he has decide that he want’s also to buy sonivox vocalizer from guitar center from an online store. Of course, it wouldn’t be unusual if he was so much into music, but to tell you the truth, he isn’t.

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Birds At Silvan Reservoir

Birds at Silvan Reservoir/Park are just beautiful and they’re always there everytime you go there. If you’re not looking, be careful because they’ll share your picnic food lol. I got few good photos to share though I wasn’t the one took the. My son was insisting to do it. He started to get intrested in taking photos especially when his bored. I just let them him be and not bad. He’s actually good. Here are the birds at Silvan reservoir/park

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A Little Music

My youngest son is quite good with learning musical instruments. He hasn’t had any lesson at all, but he can play a good tune on the keyboards. I am now after some cheap Yamaha Recorders for him to learn. It would be good to get him to start on another instrument. I was thinking of getting him drums, but I think a small one to be begin with will be good.

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Liturgical Choir

Our eldest in year 8 is now an offical liturgical choir vocalist. When he was in year 7, he was always the one chosen to sing the opening prayer in every event of the school. Oh I forgot to mention that he’s in St Francis Xavier Catholic Secondary College. You might wonder why there’s liturgy thing. We promote our Catholic spiritual beliefs.
Often, after school my son will head to practice in his keyboard. One time he asked me about access keyboards thing and I didn’t understand what was it, or if there’s such a thing. I was confuse if access keyboards is one word term of an instrument or they’re separate. I asked him where did he got the term, “I just read it somewhere and I’m curious”, my son answered. I think it’s two different terms, access and keyboards. I googled it and I can’t find any proper result.

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Valentine Gift

Do you usually expect gift from someone dear to you on Valentine’s Day? Or do you usually give something on Valentine’s Day to your Valentine? For me, greeting card and flowers is a must to make you feel special on that day. But expecting is different from getting used of receiving gift on Valentines because my Valentines never failed to do it. I always get a bouquet of flowers especially my favourite, red roses. This time hubby gives me jewelleries and I really love it. He’s the most thoughtful person I knew. He didn’t give me tiffany, nor dolce & gabbana or
Kendra Scott designer jewelry but a set of Swarovski heart shaped necklace and earrings. It’s really pretty and I wore it on our Valentines dinner date escapade. Remember it’s not about the gift, it’s about the thoughtfulness. Whatever your love one can offer as long as it’s from the bottom of their hear, it’s worth it especially his or her presence and effort.

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