Flowers and Plants in my Garden

I love gardening and these are just few of my plants that I planted in my simple ans humble garden. Happy last month of Sring 2014.

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Christmas Shopping

It’s the time of the year again that people do Christmas shopping. People from around the world will be very busy preparing for the coming season. Decorating the house to look festive. I saw this online store called d56 at this site that has beautiful Christmas stuff. It offers free shipping on orders over 75 but only in continental US. Oh well, no matter how low they’ll offer I have nothing to shop because we’re broke. This might be the loneliest Christmas we’ll ever have. Only God knows. Hopefully not. We’re still thankful and bless because we’re alive and healthy and living with family.

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You’ve Got Mail

Now a days, I rely heavily on the internet for everything related to communications. I use Facebook and Skype to communicate with my mom back home, and I use Viber to chat with friends in the area. I don’t seldom get a mail from the mailbox that is worth reading. Just got this letter recently that actually read: Send for our free catalog.    I wondered what it could mean, and to my amazement it was to get catalog of things that I like.

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Flowers are all Around

My garden is teaming with heaps of beautiful flowers. The parklands around our place are overflowing with green and very nice flowering plants. Even my tulips are still blooming. My roses are beginning to show their colours and I am never happier than this time. Summer of course is just around the corner and it will be great days in the beach.

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Sounds Great

My kids did their very first public performance 2 weekends ago.   It was their first time to sing in front of a crowd of over 400 people.   Even my youngest went ahead and sang a song too.    Having the m audio keyrig 49 made the sounds great in the church hall. My kids sounded great because of this. My eldest of course sang 2 songs to the delight of most people.

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Spring 2014

I’ve been missing out a lot of photos to share here in my photography blog. My internet data is not doing good lately and I can’t afford to abuse it just for posting big files of photos. How sad right? What can I do, there are times in our life that we need to control about certain things to avoid conflicting with the other things. I know I sound mysterious but that’s the way it is. I’ll be posting more photos soon most especially my Spring 2014 collections. One more month to go before the season will end and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to post before it ends.

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Life in Music

I just finished watching the replay of the music reality TV show grand final and I’m so proud how talented kids in my homeland. I know there are more talented people around the world that aren’t famous yet. Sooner or later they’ll be out showing the world what they can do in the field of music. Musicians friend is simply music, as in their best friend. If the there’s no music, there’s no entertainment, there’s no talented people who can play musical instruments. There’s no amazing singing voices. Salute to the musicians.

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Cotton Field/Farm

During my younger years, I’ve seen  few cotton trees. Some of our neighbour’s land had few cotton trees  but it was really different from what I saw in NSW Finley. A field of cotton plants but not cotton trees. Yeah really different but was amazing. So white and bright field of short cotton plants that reflects the brightness of the sun. It’s like dwarf kind of plants. I love it. It’s an awesome thing to learn something about cotton and get a chance to take snapshots of the wonderful scenery.

Here are some of the snaps!

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Let’s talk business

I’ve been into a lot of small business but none of them I really took seriously for long time so none of them give me much profit. Multi level marketing and networking business really need a serious dedication and perseverance and I think that’s the thing I don’t have because of not having enough confidence to present it to prospect targets. I took business administation study but not bachelors degree so I really don’t have enough knowledge. All is personal experienced in convincing people that are close to me in a nice manner. I really admire those people who have the guts to do business presentation, employer representation

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Pinaccle Grampians National Park

We had an awesome day trip to Grampians 2 weeks ago. The weather was cold but the sun was out the whole time we were there. How lucky are we right? We really had fun exploring the best sceneries of the place.
We experienced the very popular walking area where some of the best and most accessible rock formations. Home of the ever popular Pinnacle Walk and they called it Wonderland. Wow, it’s was tiring but so wonderful. Maybe a bit freaky to some whose afraid of heights. All you need to do is don’t look down, keep walking and enjoy the view when you’re on top. So much of the talkings, here are some pictures that we took.

Some view of the orange sun that reflects on the trees on our way home. I couldn’t resist not to take picture of the Church. I’f I’m not mistaken, it’s the Baptist Church in Ararat. Such a magnificient view as it was highlighted by the orange sun.
And that’s the story of our fun day trip to Grampians.

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