Music instrument tuner

I wonder if all musical instrument that need tuning can use the same tuner? chromatic tuner that I’ve seen at musiciansfriend website. Besides guitar, is this tuner can be use to tune piano? But wait, any other musical instrument needs tuning? I actually don’t have idea haha. So silly of my I’m sorry. At least I know now what I will buy if my sons will complain about thier guitar out of tune.

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Cute personalized stuff

I like personalized stuff and I used to do it with a certain website. I like to put pictures in my phone case, iPad cover, bedsheets etc. I actually found a new website to do my personalized things, it’s the and I’m at the page right now. Kids and kids at hear will love this for sure. So excited for the things I want to do. Got a lot of creative ideas in mind. If this crazy day will satisfy me with their service, then they’ll have me as their patron.

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Cowgirl style

It’s time of the year again when clearance sales are raging. From fashion to home, hi-tech gadgets, autos and many more. How I wish I can go shop like the others. Shop like lunatic or shop like there’s no tomorrow. Kidding aside, I know it’s not important. It can give us just short time happiness, but it maybe last a lifetime. It’s always make us ladies smile when we go shopping. Fashion shopping is just a therapy for us women, right? I found a new store online named Eli’s Western Wear and it reminds me of my tartan plaid dress. It’s a cowboy and stripy looking dress and looks really cool when you pair it with a cowboy boots. I like cowboy and cowgirl styles of clothing. As it’s said there in the online store cowgirl shorts, skirts and dresses page, ‘Every woman should have at least one dress that makes her feel like a cowgirl’ oh well I agree! You can find yours at the said shop. The got traditional western denim dresses from Cowgirl Justice or daring prints from Roper and Rancho Estancia. Sometimes it’s very useful when you have a western themed party.
Here’s some of my cowgirl looks..

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Beautiful Songs

There are new beautiful songs coming out lately. I really admire songwriters and singers. Music for me is therapy. I love listening guitars being played especially classic guitars. I tried to motivate my boys to practice to play guitars since they were very young but I think they’re not keen to it. They like keyboards and piano more. I wonder how this martin classical guitar sounds like. Well, it’s just the brand name I think. It’s still depends on how good the players that will make any classical guitars sounds great.

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Yellow Flower

These flowers are beautiful. It has a small tree looking and bushy type. I really don’t have idea what is the name of it. It looks like marigold but definitely not marigold because of its smell. I think it blooms on a late winter season nearly spring. It was in a nearby park that we visited last year. I was beguiled by the beauty of these flower. It is eye catching and irresistible not take a closer look and of course too beautiful not to take photos.

By the way, I decided to put one of them as my header because I just can’t get enough of it.

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House decorating plan

I  now get bored of the same view I see at home like the colours of our furnitures, the curtains designs, etc. I want a whole new look.  A refreshing but warm kind of view. I really want our patio to come to reality. It’s  been a year since we moved and we haven’t done any extentions yet. A teak patio seating would be great. You know why I come up with the the idea? Well,
Here’s some popular teak at Home and Patio Décor Center! I am fascinated at their large selection of Teak Patio Furniture. Teak Patio chairs, sofas, loveseats and garden benches. They  blend  so well with any outdoor decor.  They’re such exquisite new add ons to our one year old home soon.
Home and Patio Decor Center carries all teak dining chair or a combination of teak frames with sling fabrics that you might looking for and so am I. They said that these teak outdoor seating pieces are high quality outdoor furniture that will last a lifetime and that is what I want for my patio, long lasting!
I spent most of my time wandering outdoor, at our backyard doing gardening and always calculating ideas what to do to our still empty outdoor area. Teak outdoor furnitures for my garden space is great too why not right?
I think Australia has the same kind of centre that sells teak patio seating. I have to browse now.

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Flowers and Plants in my Garden

I love gardening and these are just few of my plants that I planted in my simple ans humble garden. Happy last month of Sring 2014.

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Christmas Shopping

It’s the time of the year again that people do Christmas shopping. People from around the world will be very busy preparing for the coming season. Decorating the house to look festive. I saw this online store called d56 at this site that has beautiful Christmas stuff. It offers free shipping on orders over 75 but only in continental US. Oh well, no matter how low they’ll offer I have nothing to shop because we’re broke. This might be the loneliest Christmas we’ll ever have. Only God knows. Hopefully not. We’re still thankful and bless because we’re alive and healthy and living with family.

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You’ve Got Mail

Now a days, I rely heavily on the internet for everything related to communications. I use Facebook and Skype to communicate with my mom back home, and I use Viber to chat with friends in the area. I don’t seldom get a mail from the mailbox that is worth reading. Just got this letter recently that actually read: Send for our free catalog.    I wondered what it could mean, and to my amazement it was to get catalog of things that I like.

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Flowers are all Around

My garden is teaming with heaps of beautiful flowers. The parklands around our place are overflowing with green and very nice flowering plants. Even my tulips are still blooming. My roses are beginning to show their colours and I am never happier than this time. Summer of course is just around the corner and it will be great days in the beach.

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